Dec 2, 2019 . Design

Students in China uses two robot fabrication methods to make a bridge.

Students of Tongji University in Shanghai, China have used two emerging robot fabrication techniques to build a bridge. Carbon fibres entwined on a 3D printed metal frame is what makes the hybrid bridge as the students explore two new construction methods of- large scale metal 3D printing and filament winding. Both techniques being economic and energy efficient than compared to traditional building methods, the hybrid bridge is an outcome of students participating in DigitalFUTURES International 2019 summer workshop at Tongji University along with local research studio Fab- Union.

Dec 2, 2019 . Architecture

Louis Vuitton Maison by Frank Gehry and Peter Marino opens in Seoul.

Designed by Frank Gehry and Peter Marino, the Louis Vuitton Maison has just opened in the South Korean capital of Seoul. Being the first project by Gehry in the country and known for his famous collaboration with the brand, Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, the architect has created a glass façade that celebrates the Korean heritage and culture. The inspiration of the structure not only comes from the Parisian establishment but also in historical Korean architecture such as the ‘Hwaseong Fortress’ and swooping movements and white costumes of the ‘Dongnae Hakchum’.

Nov 26, 2019 . Art

Yayoi Kusama’s newest exhibition opens in New York City.

Artist Yayoi Kusama, along with her highly anticipated artworks have come to New York City this fall and has also designed a balloon that will soar over the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Exhibiting some 60 works along with a new ‘Infinity Mirror Room’ have opened to public at the David Zwirner’s West 20th Street gallery in New York. The exhibition is titled ‘Every Day I Pray For Love’ encompasses a flickering white and red LED lights installation in a compact infinity mirror room.

Nov 26, 2019 . Design

‘BOOKWORM’ by NUDES to promote reading in India.

In order to accomplish United Nation’s goal of achieving basic alphabetization for young people in underdeveloped countries by 2030, the architectural firm NUDES has conceived a project named BOOKWORM in the courtyards of CSMVS museum in Mumbai. Bookworm, a pavilion functioning as an outdoor learning space is 40 meters long and 12 meters wide. Appropriately named, the pavilion takes a winding shape as it crushes the idea of a traditional library.