May 21, 2019 . Technology

Morrama’s new ‘smarter phone’ designed keeping in mind the well-being of its users

The “smarter phone” is a concept launched by UK design firm Morrama. The activation seeks to embrace the focus on wellness by optimizing the mobile device in a more in-depth way through numerous wellness-centric features. The asymmetrical back of the phone angles the screen away from the user when the phone sits on a flat surface. In its resting position, the phone will not show any notifications. In order to check them, the user pushes down on the bottom of the phone, tilting it towards them. It also features a small screen on the back and assistant button.

May 21, 2019 . Architecture

Robert Konieczny’s kinetic house reacts to the sun’s movement.

This house in Poland by architect Robert Konieczny has a moving outdoor living space that pivots and docks with rooms on either side of the garden. Quadrant House is named after the ancient navigational instrument that measured angles according to the stars.  It is comprised of two asymmetrical rectangular buildings positioned perpendicular to each other. A third volume, housing the living room, is situated between the two. KWK Prome yet again married movement with technology.

May 20, 2019 . Product

Threatened species replace the Crocodile in Lacoste’s “Save Our Species” collection

Lacoste has just revealed its second capsule collection in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The drop serves as a series of 10 limited-edition “Save Our Species” polo shirts that highlight 10 threatened animal species. The t-shirts will replace the crocodile logo with 10 endangered species. Overall, there will be 3,520 polo shirts released on May 22, with profits going towards the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s efforts to conserve threatened wildlife.

May 20, 2019 . Competitions

Hustle Hub- Youth housing design challenge ’19

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Cities being an economic platform which is constantly growing every day – equity of housing has become an issue. Affordable housing is not enough considering the vast number of people pooling into the city every day to look for means of livelihood. The challenge here is to build a replicable co-living housing concept for 1. Young 2. Migrant/Local 3. The working population of 20-35 years of age which is affordable (not subsidized but optimized).