Oct 14, 2019 . Product

Canopic Studio designs disembodied glass covers.

Canopic Studio’s Curran Wedner, a Los Angeles based ceramic have designed scultptures and other furniture inspired by human anatomy. The sculptural glass covers feature disembodied fingers, toes and faces resulting into interesting compositions of art. Graduated from Art Centre College of Design in California, he says that his experience in drawing and painting along with nature and ancient history as his influence behind the collection.

Oct 14, 2019 . Design

Wutopia designs the first museum of Architectural Models in China

Located in Shanghai, China; the first museum of architectural models has been designed by Wutopia for the much known Fengyuzu exhibition. Interpreted as a massive archive of models from well-known contemporary Chinese architects, the museum unlike a ‘Warehouse’ is designed as a model itself as a large scale model of a future city. Divided in two spaces, ‘Tijuana’ and ‘Ironia’ along with a communication space there are a another three special exhibition areas along with VR zone which can also be turned into a temporary exhibition space.

Oct 12, 2019 . Product

Manju Devi’s Aas Pass rug is and ode to her village surroundings.

Jaipur Rug Foundation which helps artisan communities in rural India to preserve and revive their skills, has featured an Aas Pass rug in their Artisan Original’s collection by an artist Manju Devi from Dhanota village, Rajasthan.  The rug made by tying more than 2,00,000 knots features abstract patterns and colours which are inspired from his village surroundings. The rug is a part of the sustainable development initiative by the foundation. Established by Nand Kishore Chaudhary in 1978, the foundations effectively help the artisans with job opportunities.

Oct 12, 2019 . Design

WeWork has come to India

The American company WeWork has finally launched its first co-working spaces in India. Situated in the downtown Bengaluru, the 8 floors of shared workspaces by WeWork are designed by Creative Director, Adam Kimmel. The WeWork India Headquarters boasts walls with accentuated bricks forming large circular patterns reminiscent of traditional Indian architecture. Along with this it also mimics a striped white and black tile work that is most common in Indian palaces.  The WeWork India Headquarters also encompasses a Tea House, a lounge and a library on the first floor along with the working spaces.