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Blue Flames

He has represented India on various international platforms. He imparted training of blue pottery to the artists in Iceland in 2011. Displayed Blue Pottery articles at International trade fair at Istanbul (Turkey) in 2012. He also trained various student delegation from various other parts of the world including Japan, Germany, Russia, America, etc.


Stand point is probably the first conscious decision of the many decisions one makes in the process of designing. This is the reason why we have chosen the subject for the first issue of our magazine. When we say it is a conscious decision it is implied that the designer has understood the intent of designing what is at hand and the very purpose it would serve.


ISSUE 2 | THINKING SPACES Editorial By Mr. V.Girish Pic courtesy- ArunKumar Nothing beats the solace of sipping on a warm cup of coffee by a window, while reading a…

The Unfolding Cosmos : Of Spaces Beyond the Five

Ankon Mitra| Origami Artist PROFILE Ankon Mitra is an architect, landscape designer and pioneer of Origami, Kirigami and folding techniques in India. He has a post- graduate degree from the…


ISSUE 2 | THINKING SPACES Figments Siddhartha | Artist PROFILE A passionate and self-taught artist with a diverse portfolio of works in mediums of graphite, acrylics and watercolours. Graduated as…

Everything gets balanced

ISSUE 2 | THINKING SPACES Everything gets balanced Prakash Ghai | Photographer PROFILE Prakash Ghai is a Jaipur based photographer who captures simple yet creative photographs with Minimalism as a…

The box of thoughts

He graduated from Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur in year 2016, while he was working on a featur film called ‘Dollhouse’ as a line producer, writer and actor. He also wrote and acted in a few shortfilms.

Designing Space for Designers

ISSUE 2 | THINKING SPACES Designing Space for Designers Siddhesh Gautam & Chaitanya Tipre | Principle Designers | Studio Gendaphool, Pune PROFILE Chaitanya Tipre– He is a visual addict who…


ISSUE 2 | THINKING SPACES Wilderness Sumedha Sah | Illustrator PROFILE Sumedha is an Architect and a self-taught Illustrator, currently living and working out of her studio in Mumbai. She…

Indigenous Modern

Chinmay Mehta is one of India’s recognised painter and muralist and is noted internationally for his innovative contribution to preserving and celebrating the subcontinent’s rich cultural heritage.

Thinking Spaces and Storage Units

ISSUE 2 | THINKING SPACES Thinking Spaces and Storage Units Tej Veer Singh | Photographer PROFILE He is a visual artist and photographer living in Jaipur and working throughout the…

The Beauty of Simple Things

ISSUE 2 I THINKING SPACES The Beauty of Simple Things By Mr. V.Girish & Mr. Arun Kumar Thoughts and imagination are the most fragile, vulnerable yet most power devices with…

Stand point

ISSUE 1 I STAND POINT Pic Courtesy – Editorial Team STAND POINT India is a country that has been an epitome of culture and heritage for eons and is globally…

“Ver- Million” hues of Lac

Worked in SISI Udaipur and Kota for two years. Specialized in all kind of lac work and Gulal Gotas made of lac. To aware youngsters he promote lac work on Indian & International level. Taught and gave training for about 11000 students of different schools and colleges of India & abrooad.

Time, belief and design

Creative Director and Co-founder- AKFD & Anan Taya. Ayush’s design versatility is expressed in the extensive projects undertaken, including the VIP lounges and the ‘Mudra’, Suryanamaskar installations at the T3 Delhi International Airport, New Delhi, Kiosks at theT2 international Terminal, Mumbai,’ Handmade in Rajasthan’ Logo for the Government of Rajasthan launched at the 2016 Rajasthan Heritage Week, Pink City E-Rickshaw Design to empower women drivers of Rajasthan.