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Sumedha Sah | Illustrator

  • Sumedha is an Architect and a self-taught Illustrator, currently living and working out of her studio in Mumbai. She is an expert in the field of Sustainable Architecture and has lived and worked in Auroville as an Architect for almost two years. She belongs to the quaint hill station of Nainital and has fond memories of her childhood.
  • She regularly contributes to magazines like National Geographic Traveller, Travel and Leisure, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar and has had three solo exhibitions in Ahmedabad and Delhi. Apart from this she has illustrated five children’s books and has worked with organizations like Godrej, TEDx, Full Circle publications, pratham, Flipkart and scholastic in the past. She recently gave a TEDx talk on her art project in Mumbai.
  • There is a family of jackals I’ve come to know. A mother and her five young pups. They live in a forest surrounding a lake not far from where I live. Although we only see each other once every few days and that too from a considerable distance. I’ve come to find a special bond with them.
  • Almost everyday I leave my studio at 5 and put on my shoes to walk around this lake. It is a pattern for me, one of the few constants in my life. I walk slow, pacing my steps with every breath and as I do I begin to see and take in the beauty of the forest trail. Populated by mysterious migratory birds, fascinating insects, glorious indigenous specimens of plants and the tallest of trees. The forest is alive, a world that we so often fail to acknowledge.

Wild and free
Source- http://bit.ly/2Pau2QO
  • It is in this moment, while I am walking that my mind goes of on its own leisurely walk and I begin to have a distinct clarity of thought. New ideas begin to form and new directions come into sight.
  • My thinking space is an act, an act of walking in the wilderness where on good days I find a family wild jackals waiting for me.

Impact of the Wild
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