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Thinking Spaces and Storage Units

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Thinking Spaces and Storage Units

Tej Veer Singh | Photographer

  • He is a visual artist and photographer living in Jaipur and working throughout the world. After receiving his education in architecture he pursued photography as a full time career which further extended to design. He is entirely self taught when it comes to photography and art.
  • He is an accomplished and recognized artists on various platforms. He has been featured on many websites and pages such as the Wedding Sutra, Triumph Motorcycle India, Wacom India etc.
  • He has a wide-range of clientele from all around the subcontinent including Rajputana Customs, Polaris, Harley Davidson India etc.
  • Many would agree when it comes to the human mind that it is simply the greatest and the most complex gadget ever created on earth. It has the power to destroy and create, it is capable of reasoning, imagination and creating experiences irrespective of the fact that they are beautiful or ugly. Undoubtedly the manufacturing unit of thoughts, some of which are driven by our own desires or emotions whereas some are the by-products of our very own subconscious self. All this plethora of activities happening just by a generation of an idea inside a small entity, isn’t it amazing?
  • But is it really the thinking space for the human body? Yes!
  • But is it really the storage space? I don’t think so.

Stranger tides of Venusian black
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  • I have been functioning as a photographer and an artist for past 8 years. I am still on the learning curve but yes during the course of this wonderful journey I was able to witness experiences some of which were sad , some that made me happy , some that made me feel helpless and etc. All these instances taught me three things in particular which are:
  • You are what you think you are.
  • We should learn to calm our mind in order for it to function fully.
  • We should learn to let out our ideas or thoughts in a physical space so that we don’t stack upon the files inside and create a state of mental rust, confusion or illness.

The One Who was Different.
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  • Knowingly or unknowingly our brain is constantly functioning it is processing all the information fed into it through the five senses and giving out instructions as a by-product. In the form of thoughts, actions, emotions etc. I prefer to call all of these as ideas, ideas for my art. For me in particular these ideas manifest into art most of the times, sometimes I write them down onto a piece of paper or a diary so that I may ponder upon them later. Whatever is created has a definite thought process behind it which enables me let go of that particular idea. Whenever, I look at these paintings, drawings or photographs created in that very moment later on , it grants me the ability to view or analyze my state of my mind in a detached manner and as a result I am able to contemplate much more effectively . It is like I never made the art piece somebody else made it, I am just enjoying it! When such a state is achieved by the mind at that point of time the very art-work I am viewing has become my thinking space and the whole meaning of the art is now transformed. Creating a physical thinking space will not only relieve one from the disturbing emotions or thoughts but it will also provide one with an opportunity to nurture and utilize this beautiful mind much more efficiently.

In the middle. I crave for salvation.
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  • These are the very spaces where I store and think again and again. They inspire me and motivate me whenever there is a need and also act as vents for letting out all the kinds of emotions or thoughts that I encounter.
  • I know it sounds a bit eccentric but I think you should try it sometime, I’m sure you’ll be amazed with the results.