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The box of thoughts

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The box of thoughts

Saurabh Sharma | Enterpreneur

  • He graduated from Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur in year 2016, while he was working on a feature film called ‘Dollhouse’ as a line producer, writer and actor. He also wrote and acted in a few short films.
  • He commenced his career as an entrepreneur in year 2016 with his first startup ‘Cocoa Garden’.
  • In year 2018 he took his new business venture ‘The Design Bridge’ which was developed over his previous idea on ‘E-catalogue – Interiors’. Currently he is the managing director of his brain child ‘The Design Bridge’.
  • There is a classroom, full of kids, in their school uniforms, and then there is a guy sitting at the end of the hall, along with few other ‘back-benchers’. But this guy seems lost in his own thought bubble. The classroom changed into a college lecture hall, the kids changed to overgrown kids, but the guy at the end of the hall, did not change. Still lost in his thoughts, with a will sparking even stronger, burdened by the responsibility of being the ‘class clown’, decided to become a doer.
  • Somehow, you end up in an architecture school, but you know that your heart is just not into it, the people around you know that, everybody else, just knows it. Reason being, maybe you are made for something else. There is so much a person wants to do in one lifetime, the only holdback is, there is so less you can do. So, what do you do, when life brings you to crossroad like this? You prioritize, you decide to work out a balance, but you decide to embark upon the incandescent path that leads you to your destination. Maybe you even decide to travel, “the road less travelled”. That is when I decided to chase my dreams. I acted in a film, also wrote for a few short films. But then again, that part of me that wanted to pursue acting/writing took a backseat, because it wasn’t the right time.

Travel and beyond
Source – V. Girish
  • Being an entrepreneur currently, where our everyday lives are ruled by internet of things, and new ideas coming out everyday to make the lives of people easier, if I wanted to stand apart from the crowd, I had to have an idea. One of those ideas is ‘The Design Bridge’. So, one day I am in my room, five months out of college, and I am thinking, engrossed in my thoughts I start drifting into slumber, that’s when the thought or the idea struck me. Then as it happens, I did not sleep the whole night and kept on thinking about it.
  • For me thinking is not constrained in a physical space. All our thoughts are stored in our sub-conscious. Maybe the attributes that helps us tap into our subconscious can be my ‘notional’ thinking space. If I had to personify these attributes into a physical space, let us consider a cube, with six faces of different colour and each colour depicting a different attribute and inside the cube my subconscious is there. The six attributes of the cube are time, place, onus, state of mind, perception, and fate. I think when a permutation or a combination of these attributes shine their light upon me. I thought when I travelled, I thought when I strolled through a garden, I think even when an unrelated lecture was going on in the class and I did not want it to end, because I was right there in the zone.

The thought box
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  • For me thinking is not an overnight process. Its multi-layered, multi-faceted, its never-ending. You keep on working on that first thought, you keep on developing it, you start talking about it with like minded people, you adapt, you improvise, you explore, but you never really stop working on it.