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Stand point

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India is a country that has been an epitome of culture and heritage for eons and is globally known for its rich architectural and cultural heritage. The land has always proven fertile for all cultures and faiths alike our country has been bestowed with innumerable architectural marvels of beauty and ingenuity.

It is an oxymoronic situation where our cities thrive on the glories of its past and the same glory is coming in the way of its future. The rich heritage context of our country has always been the pivotal point in the decision making process of any designer. The designer is torn between adorning the past or to leap into the future. Or is it really a way to move forwards keeping the jewels of our past intact?

The current issue of the magazine is an attempt to understand this situation better and also gain an insight into the multiple approaches and stand points of individuals from different walks of life and how they made the decision of picking between the past and the future or how the established a middle ground?

Through our magazine we wish to learn the standpoint chosen by eminent personalities of their respective field and also understand the reason behind choosing their stand point and also the process of doing the same.