Part-1 An interview with Mr. Rajendra Puri, Mr. Sanjay Kothari and Mr, Rajan Bhatt

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Mr. Rajendra Puri is an alumnus of CEPT university, Ahmedabad and has over three decades of experience. Mr Puri has worked with the likes of Architect B.V Doshi.

Mr. Sanjay Kothari is an alumnus of Chandigarh college of Architecture and has been in the profession for over three decades and has worked on wide range of projects from private residences to hotels, cafes etc.

Mr. Rajan Bhatt graduated from Sir J.J. College of architecture and has been a practicing architect for over two decades. He is the man behind the Mool Foundation which promotes and recognises individuals and agencies working in various creative disciplines.

The two part interview is an interesting and fun conversation amongst these three contemporaries and friends. Through the course of the interview the three share their journey through their profession and give and insight into how architecture not just being a profession has become a way of life for them.


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