House of Sweeping Shadows

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Abin Design Studio

The firm started in October 2005 under the leadership of Abin Chaudhuri.


"Believes architecture is an artistic expression as far as it transcends its purely utilitarian, technical and rational realm, and turns into metamorphic expression of the lived world, human condition and context."

Client's Brief

The project comprised a design intervention for a part of the client's existing property. Client wished to update this extension to a leisure zone with a contemporary look.


While in one half of the land stood the client's residence, the other half was primarily bare save for a half-built 2-story structure to one side and a central pond that the client had walled up.

Architects intake

Given the unremarkable nature of the existing building, we were prompted to encase the mass with a modern facade to create a bolder form. A self-supporting metal structure was devised with minimal anchoring on the building within.


The brick-lined pond was converted to a swimming pool while the structure houses a gym, changing rooms and guest entertainment lounges overlooking the pool and lawns.


The combination of masses of varied scales, bold metal facade with soft verdant landscape, and the dark hues complementing the open skies over the reflective water body make for a serene, modern extension to the client's residence

Designed as a curved, louvered surface, the crafted metal facade casts mesmerizing shadows in the interior spaces.

Rectilinear punctuations along the curve, crafted as this lamina surfaces using sheet metal, strategically open out the spaces to the idyllic views outside.

Development Stages

Site Plan

1.  Entrance 2. Swimming pool 3. Jacuzzi 4. Aviary 5. Sunken sitting area 6. Barbeque area 7. House of sweeping shadow 8. Lawn 9. Service room 10. Existing building 11. Secondary entry

Ground Floor Plan

1. Gym area 2. Powder room 3. Shower 4. Changing room 5. Septic tank 6. Generator 7. Barbeque area

First Floor Plan

1. Lounge 2. Powder room 3. Covered terrace

Verandah on the upper level incorporated due to minimal anchoring on the building within.

The Open louvers allow for the verandah to stay well ventilated while keeping the sharp south-western sunlight at bay by breaking it up into thin tendrils of light.

The interiors are treated in simple lines with whitewashed walls and contemporary furniture over a daring red floor.

The sunken sit-out is contrastingly rendered in pigmented concrete complemented with views of the pool, verdant plant-beds and the aviary.