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Siddhartha | Artist

  • A passionate and self-taught artist with a diverse portfolio of works in mediums of graphite, acrylics and watercolours. Graduated as a dentist from Pacific University in 2009, and later switched fields to arts, which had always been a calling. Experiences include exhibitions, academic workshops and commission works. Pursuing to learn about art and history, and explore the various mediums and media of visual arts.
  • He has been commissioned to carry out various office spaces and residential spaces. Currently he is working for Western Railway (Ahmedabad) to do artworks on the lift shafts at Kalupur railway station, Ahmedabad.
  • He has also conducted an elective course on ‘Transforming spaces through art posters’ at CEPT University, Ahmedabad and various other institutions.
  • There is a classroom, full of kids, in their school uniforms, and then there is a guy sitting at the end of the hall, along with few other ‘back-benchers’. But this guy seems lost in his own thought bubble. The classroom changed into a college lecture hall, the kids changed to overgrown kids, but the guy at the end of the hall, did not change. Still lost in his thoughts, with a will sparking even stronger, burdened by the responsibility of being the ‘class clown’, decided to become a doer.
  • My journey as an artist was not something I chose but I believe it was written. From a very young age I was exposed to the world of art. I have fondest memories of me painting alongside my father who used to paint as a hobby. My colours and pencils always walked alongside me. Even while I was studying medicine I would relish drawing all the diagrams that we were asked to draw as a part of our studies. After completing my under graduation I was all set to pursue my post graduation and incidentally I happened to visit the city of Ahmedabad and through a friend I had the opportunity to visit the school of architecture and the place, the atmosphere in this little campus left me mesmerized and it almost felt like home. It was as if I had found my calling and I immediately enrolled myself in the fine arts program. That is how my journey into the field of art officially began.

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  • While I was studying I took up a few freelance projects, where I collaborated with different professions. This opened up new avenues for me not just with respect to my work but also for learning new things.
  • Being in a creative profession I often get confronted with the question of what stimulates my thought process ? The answer to that question is never far from me. I strongly believe that everything around us has some form of associated memory and if you listen carefully they have the ability to transport you to back to those memories. I believe it is very important that we sensitize ourselves to the subtle nuances of life as these nuances are what add to flavor to our lives. Through my work I try to capture these subtle nuances and in a lot of ways these time capsules allow me to revisit and relive them.

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  • I would really urge all reading this to appreciate the smaller joys of life and always go with the flow because the harder you paddle the more turbulent the water becomes.