Collage House

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Chaware & Associates

It was founded by Ar. Bhalchandra L. Chaware in the year 1984. The firm is driven by the pursuit of excellence. Chaware & Associates takes all care to meet clients satisfaction through its architectural endeavor by correctly analyzing transforming the studies into architecture so as to produce better of the architecture.

"We believe that our surroundings directly influence the quality of social life we are experiencing, whether in the work place, at home or the public spaces in between.

Project details

  • Type: Residence
  • Location: Nashik, Maharashtra
  • Site Area: 6450 sq. ft.
  • Built up Area: 10,500 sq. ft.
  • Cost : 3500-4500 per sq. ft.
  • Timeline: January'15- 0ctober'17

Client's Brief

The brief was to design a house of family of 3 brothers, their elder mother & six young children and to start from the amalgamation of individual plots to create an opportunity for one large house.

Architect's Intake

Appreciation of a space or of an object has always been there in its part; however the perception of both happens holistically. Associatively is generally, a sectoral and experience is always all encompassing. This formed the basis of design approach for collage house.

Ground Floor Plan

LEGEND 1. Water Pond 2. Home Theatre 3. Office 4. Maid's room 5. Toilet 6. Court 7. Lift

First Floor Plan

5. Toilet 7. Lift 8. Entrance 9. Informal Living 10. Kitchen 11. Formal Living Room 12. Dining 13. Waterbody 14. Washing Area 15. Store 16. Bedroom

Second Floor Plan

5. Toilet 7. Lift 16. Bedroom 17. Pooja Room 18. Family Sitting 19. Sit-Out 20. Study Room

Third Floor Plan

5. Toilet 7. Lift 16. Bedroom 21. Pooja Room 22. Game Room


The cascading sectoral lines ensure hierarchical common spaces inside the house & on the other side of the atrium, modularly stacked bedrooms creates more intimate zones.

The design strategy offered either sides separating public & private interface where main entrance of the house is elevated with a delicate spiral staircase & a welcoming huge cantilevered canopy meaning a majestic sense of arrival, the comparatively modest entrance to office & servant from other road allows good segregation of public & private.

On arriving at the lounge, carefully calibrated interplay of compressed volumes & exploded double height atrium keep the experience constantly vibrant.

The diverse preferences of 14 people from 20 to 70 age group demanded a very diverse spatial preferences & aesthetics, however being a family; it also needed a comprehensive identity, a thread that binds the family together.

The central atrium exactly does that while protecting their individual identity in their private/ intimate spaces (bedrooms), it embraces everybody in the central open spaces, also referred as 'Brahma Sthan' in traditional Indian architecture.

The large openings protected by elaborate cantilevers & beautiful stroke of light through roof ensure that there are enough tranquil spaces in the house but not a single dull one.

The sweeping flight of staircase in the 12m height atrium makes the core of the house visually & physically permeable. Each space connects to the sky through large openings , the sky light & cascading water soothes the space acoustically.

There are spaces for organized formal family interactions. There is a spatial hierarchy from slightly compressed volumes to exploded triple height atrium to double highs overlooking family spaces.

There are 12 bedrooms, each tastefully designed to the specific preferences of the occupant, whether a teenager or an adult or a 70 year old grandmother of the family.

A collage of aspiration, a collage of memories, a collage of stories, a collage of opinions, a collage of idiosyncratic choices, a collage of dreams & collage of past & collage of today. The Raut Residence is a truly a " Whole" which is greater than sum of its parts.