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Blue Being Number One

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From the bright tarpaulin stretched over Mumbai’s roofs to artist Yves Klein’s iconic pigment, the colour of royalty is the hue of the moment. In AD’s first-ever issue dedicated to a single colour, we explore everything — from azure and cerulean to navy and indigo. The backdrop of a never-before-seen Tyeb Mehta, the dancing plumage of peacocks or the iconic Jodhpur blue—we’ve got a serious case of the blues. Here are 5 reasons to fall in love with our November 2018 issue.

In this issue, New Delhi-based author and columnist Sunil Sethi wrote about the family house that architect Niels Schoenfelder built outside Chennai, ‘French Connection’. “It is one of the most exciting and original homes I have visited, carefully conceived and superbly executed in its configuration of spaces, use of materials, and ingenious flourishes of colour and design—truly a temple to books and literature.

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