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5 secrets to a greener, healthier you over the New Year

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With the New Year around the corner, resolutions will soon be fighting their place on your to-do list. Don’t beat yourself up about the multiple failed attempts made in trying to achieve your goals. After all, the New Year is a time of hope, when we reflect on the year that’s gone by and look forward to bringing about positive changes in the year to come. So this New Year, let’s turn a new leaf and grow what we eat — a mantra to wellness and a well-informed, greener you! Knowing where your food comes from and growing locally, offers better nutrition and a great start to a New Year.

Contrary to popular notions (and reams of Instagram photos), you don’t need a backyard or acres of green to cultivate edible plants. Whether your apartment comes with a balcony, an indoor container garden or only a window sill, you can grow what you eat and see them thrive, in almost any urban space. There are several reasons why more millennials than ever are taking up food gardening. As a hobby too, gardening is a great fit for a mindset and lifestyle that emphasizes individuality, independence and value.

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