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Stand point

ISSUE 1 I STAND POINT Pic Courtesy – Editorial Team STAND POINT India is a country that has been an epitome of culture and heritage for eons and is globally…

“Ver- Million” hues of Lac

Worked in SISI Udaipur and Kota for two years. Specialized in all kind of lac work and Gulal Gotas made of lac. To aware youngsters he promote lac work on Indian & International level. Taught and gave training for about 11000 students of different schools and colleges of India & abrooad.

Time, belief and design

Creative Director and Co-founder- AKFD & Anan Taya. Ayush’s design versatility is expressed in the extensive projects undertaken, including the VIP lounges and the ‘Mudra’, Suryanamaskar installations at the T3 Delhi International Airport, New Delhi, Kiosks at theT2 international Terminal, Mumbai,’ Handmade in Rajasthan’ Logo for the Government of Rajasthan launched at the 2016 Rajasthan Heritage Week, Pink City E-Rickshaw Design to empower women drivers of Rajasthan.

The ferrari and the elephant

ISSUE 1 | STAND POINT The Ferrari and the elephant An article by Mr. Debashish Borah | Architect PROFILE Debasish Borah is born in a sleepy town of easternmost end…

People and past

ISSUE 1 | STAND POINT People and past An interview with Ms. Dharmendar Kanwar | Travel Writer PROFILE Dharmendar Kanwar is a much awarded travel writer who began writing professionally…

A walk through the dunes

ISSUE 1 | STAND POINT A walk through the dunes An article by Mr. Ravi Kumar Gupta | Architect PROFILE He has been a part of various government corporation as…

Perpetuity of the ephemeral

The first issue of our magazine talks about ‘standpoint’. At the outset, let us understand “What is standpoint?” The dictionary meaning of ‘Stand Point’ is “the position / stance one takes on an issue”, “One’s viewpoint / perspective in respect of an issue”.