Mar 30, 2019 . Product

Danish home goods company Vipp releases its first-ever chair.

Vipp, the Danish home goods company known for its sleek trashcans has been in the design game for 80 years. Vipp has released its first-ever chair, Vipp451. Made with powder coated aluminum and leather upholstery, the Vipp451 carries the Vipp DNA. It is versatile, sleek, timeless, and flexible enough to reside at a dining table, work table, or in a living room.

“The Vipp451 chair links the past with the future. The combination of genuine materials and industrial refinement state a clear reference to our design tradition and line of existing products.,” said Vipp Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen.

Mar 30, 2019 . Art

Artist JR makes the Louvre Pyramid disappear.

The installation by artist JR (Jene René), “The Secret of the Great Pyramid,” aims to produce an optical illusion of the Louvre pyramid rising out of the ground dramatically, creating the impression that it has just been discovered during an archaeological dig in Egypt. When viewed from just the right vantage point the piece creates an illusion of the iconic glass pyramid seeming to vanish.
Groups of 50 volunteers at a time created the collage, positioning sheets of paper to form the gigantic illusion across the entire Napoleon Court area of the Louvre. This collaboration of humans is also by design.

Mar 29, 2019 . TDB Exlusive
Source: editorial team

Watch our talk with conservationist architect Gurmeet Rai on her life experiences and her journey.

Our editorial team had an opportunity to talk to Delhi-based conservation architect, Gurmeet Sangha Rai at her office, Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative, Mehrauli. The talk is a part of ‘Interactive Session’ segment on the The Design Bridge portal.

In this interview she talks about the history of architecture and how it has been an evidence to a more intelligent and sensible solution to the world’s environmental problems. She also highlights upon the fact that the smallest of the decisions can lead to a larger repercussion.

Mar 29, 2019 . Architecture

Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar opens in Doha for the public.

It’s been a decade in the making, but Atelier Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar has finally opened to the public in Doha.

A series of colliding discs form the external shell and define the internal programme of Atelier Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar, which is based on a mineral formation called the “desert rose”. “This is a 21st-century museum that allows you to experience the exhibits in three dimensions,” says the Pritzker prize winner architect at the museum’s inauguration