Oct 9, 2019 . Design

Extension to the Florida’s Mennello Museum designed by Brooks + Scarpa and KMF

Florida’s Mennello Museum is undergoing expansion and the new addition is being designed in a joint venture by Brooks + Scarpa and KMF. Catering to the increased audiences, the new extension with its increased opportunities and amenities is supposed to merge with the existing museum building along with new exhibition spaces at lake Formosa. Approximately a 40,000 square foot project the annexe will encompass multipurpose spaces for events, weddings; conference rooms as well as the ability to accommodate masses for outsoor as well as indoor gatherings.

Oct 9, 2019 . Architecture

Agro-farm stay designed by Ahmedabad studio on the outskirts of Gir Lion Sanctuary

‘Aaranya’ an agricultural farm stay situated peripheral to the Gir Lion Sanctuary in Sasan is a modern translation of the much acclaimed vernacular style of architecture. Highlighting the terracotta tiled roofs extended to the ground, the cottages are oriented north- south in order to minimize the heat gain and maximizes the cross ventilation. Designer Himanshu Patel from Ahmedabad’s d6thd design studio aimed at reducing the structure’s visual as well as physical impact due to the prevailing earthquake prone area thus, explaining the small scale of the cottages.

Oct 5, 2019 . Product

London Studio designs a sand ripple clock

A clock has been designed by the London based design studio Ayaskan, which uses sand by creating ripples to map the passage of time. The clock is an ode to the Japanese Rock gardens which create a similar pattern out of sand to create a water ripple effect. The clock works with the help of a single hour hand which draws ripples on the sand filled platform from midnight to midday. While the second half of the day, the hour hand clears the ripples and flattens it in order to start its cycle again from midnight.

Oct 5, 2019 . Technology

Experience the new VR tours of The Palace of Versailles

A new application is developed which offers a virtual tour of The Palace of Versailles. One of its kind, this new experience it takes the viewers through Royal Grand Apartments, the Chapel and the Opera. The virtual tour of the historic palace was possible using the technique of Photogrammetry which creates a 3-dimensional universe using 2D images. The application has created 18 never-before-seen 3D models of iconic rooms and objects.